Advertising triangle foldable cube

Detail of advertising triangle foldable cube

advertising triangle foldable cube

Size :6*6*6CM


Packing ;individual plastic wrap

Carton size : 66*34*33CM

Quantity : 250PCS

weight: 22KG

Quantity : 500 1000 2000 5000

Price : 2.43usd 1.95usd 1.8usd 1.67usd

P time: 13days 15days 18days 28 days

Advertising triangle foldable cube manufacturer

We are the factory of the advertising triangle foldable cube, we manufacture the triangle cube for years. This popular advertising triangle cube is made of 8pcs small triangle cubes. There are 24pcs small pictures on the cube or you can put 8pcs big pictures on it. As the manufacturer of this triangle cube, we can provide the layout and the design for it. This triangle magic foldable cube can be folded into square cube, triangle cube, rectangle cube etc. To discover this amazing triangle foldable cube, please contact us for more detail

If you want to ask a question please contact us.

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